Gardencare GCLR273K 21.5" Long Reach Hedgecutter Sale
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Gardencare GCLR273K 21.5″ Long Reach Hedgecutter

Part Number: 5E-GCLR273K

This robust long reach hedgecutter from Gardencare fits within our Gardencare Plus range. Its Powerful 27cc Kawasaki engine and 55cm cutting bar with extra-long pole means you can easily tackle those hard to reach hedges without the use of a ladder. The machine also comes equipped with a new blade locking system and a working angle of 220°. This allows for great maneuverability and easy transportation.


One of the best sellers in the Gardencare range, this longreach hedgecutter eliminates the need for a ladder and easily reaches more difficult areas. Combining a Kawasaki 27cc engine, long length rigid shaft and a variable geometry double sided blade means this machine consistently delivers a neat and precise cut.

Kawasaki Power
The GCLR273K long reach hed cutter comes equipped with 27cc 2-stroke Kawsaki Engine. It also comes with an EasyStart recoil, meaning a gentle pull will start the engine.

Lightweight and Comfortable
The engine in the GCLR273K long reach hedge trimmer acts as a counterweight for the blades and gearbox which helps when using the machine for prolonged periods of time. Also included is a single strap harness which helps assist weight distribution. The padded overwrap also works as a grip handle for extra stability.

Flexible Blade For Easier Storage
The GCLR273K long reach hed cutter also comes equipped with a 55cm blade that has a working angle of 220 degrees. This allows for great maneuverability while working, and also helps save on storage space as it can be easily folded away.

Technical Specification

Blade Type Double Sided
Cut Length 55cm (21.5″)
Handle Type Fixed
Long Reach Yes
Power Details 27cc Kawasaki Engine
Power Source Petrol
Starting Method Pull Start


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